Frequently asked questions

1- How do I buy wild Discus and F1 Discus from santarem Discus?

It's very easy, visit our online shop and choose one by one. In the case of F1s, they are sold in packs of 10 units.

Once you've added the chosen products to your basket, it's your responsibility to fill in the correct address information for dispatch. If you have any questions about your order or a product, please contact . Once you have placed your order, we will contact you to arrange the ideal delivery date for your order if it involves live animals. Otherwise, you will only receive confirmation of dispatch and the tracking code in the email you provided.

2- How much does transport cost to my region?

If you live in Europe, the site will automatically calculate the shipping cost. Each box can hold up to 4 wild adult Discus or 1 pack of 10 F1.

3- Do you ship outside Europe?

Yes, we do. To find out the shipping costs, contact .

In the case of the United States and Mexico we have distributors.

United States: Santarem Discus USA

Mexico: Durans Discus and ZooFish

4- How much can I send you for products such as food, medicines or equipment?

In the case of Europe, the site will also automatically calculate the shipping cost.

If your region doesn't appear for shipping, please contact us and let us know your postcode or +351966013421 WhatsApp only (We don't answer phone calls).

5- When are the Discus likely to be delivered?

Always on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays. You choose the most convenient date.

6- How do I know my fish have been dispatched?

We will contact you the day before the date agreed with you for delivery, with details of the shipment as well as water parameters for transport.

7- How do I receive the fish?

Advice from the Santarem Discus team:

Firstly: Light

We should switch it off whenever we are acclimatising fish, even leaving it off for two or three days if possible. After about 12 hours in total darkness in the transport box, the sudden excess of light will bring extreme stress to the fish.

Secondly: temperature and parameters.

During the process of acclimatising a fish, you need to pay attention to two aspects: temperature and parameters. If the temperature difference is more than eight degrees, in most cases the result is fatal. When it isn't, it leads to short-term problems. Above six degrees is dangerous. Therefore, the ideal is for it not to vary by more than four degrees in order to acclimatise safely. As for the parameters, fish get used to progressive changes. We should therefore be careful with sudden changes. It should be borne in mind that pH is a logarithmic scale, i.e. the difference between 6 and 7 is not 1, but 10, and from 6 to 8 is not 2, but 100. Sudden changes can cause the fish to die. To avoid this, the ideal is to have the water with the closest possible parameters and to acclimatise slowly.

Second: feeding

On the second or third day, you can start feeding the Discus in minimal quantities. If you notice that they aren't looking for food, try again the next day.

8- What should I do if I have a problem with the delivery?

Contact us immediately at if the problem is a lost or delayed parcel. If the box arrived damaged, you should take photos and videos as you open the package so that we can help. If there are problems with the fish, send us pictures and videos. Our priority is to act immediately to save the fish and minimise any possible trauma.

9- What water parameters do you keep the Discus in?

Here at Santarem Discus Plus we keep wild Discus in the following parameters: Ph 6.8 to 7.0 and 350 microsiemens, temperature 24 to 26° degrees. And the F1s with the following parameters: H 7.0, conductivity 295 microsiemens and temperature 26 to 27 degrees.

10- Are the fish quarantined?

Yes, all Wild Discus from Santarem Discus Plus are quarantined.


Within the scope of its Customer Satisfaction Policy, and in accordance with the applicable legal terms, Santarém Discus Plus makes it possible to exchange or return (terminate the contract) items within 14 days of receipt by the Customer, without payment and without having to state the reason.

To do so, the Customer must notify customer support in writing, by e-mail or letter. Items must be returned within 14 days of receipt, accompanied by the original invoice (article 6 of Decree-Law 143/2001 of 26 April, as amended by Decree-Law 82/2008 of 20 May).

Returns and exchanges must comply with the following conditions:

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All items will be checked on arrival at our service centre and only those that comply with the return conditions will be accepted for exchange or return.

If you choose to return the item, please note that:

The refund will be made by the same means of payment or in the form of a shopping voucher, according to the customer's wishes. In the case of payment by bank transfer, we ask that you provide us with a NIB so that we can make the refund more quickly;

Shipping costs to our address are borne by the customer.

Shipping costs to our address are borne by the customer.

Returns will only be made once the condition of the product has been carefully checked;

Casa dos Discus reserves the right not to accept items that do not fulfil these conditions.

Consumer Goods Warranty and After-Sales Assistance under Decree-Law 67/2003 of 8 April, as amended by Decree-Law 84/2008 of 21 May.

All equipment is covered by a 2-year guarantee of conformity.

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Upon receipt of the item at our premises, we will carry out a technical check and, if the technical check detects signs of misuse and/or any problem that may have caused the item to malfunction (e.g. a fall, humidity, etc.), you will be contacted to let us know if you would like us to repair the equipment and send it to the brand's technical service centre.

In the case of goods outside the guarantee period, Casa dos Discus also provides technical assistance, so you can inform us and send the defective or faulty items to customer service. The items will be analysed by the After Sales Service, which will issue a technical opinion and the corresponding repair estimate. Repairs will only begin once the estimate has been accepted by the customer.