Vitor Hugo Quaresma

Vitor Hugo Quaresma born in Alvalade, Lisbon , Portugal on 3 April 1965 , is a well-known figure in the discus fish community. He began his journey with discus fish in 1984 and has since become a prominent breeder and exporter. Based in Portugal, he initially ran several aquarium stores where discus fish were prominently featured. He also launched the first magazine on ornamental fish in Portugal, Aquamania .

In 2008, Quaresma moved to Brazil and established Santarem Discus in the Amazon. This company has gained a strong reputation for exporting high-quality wild discus, with agents in over 48 countries. Quaresma is known for his meticulous selection process, spending several months each year in Amazonian communities to handpick discus fish .

Quaresma is also a passionate photographer, often using his skills to document his expeditions and lectures, which he delivers internationally. He has participated in various discus championships, securing notable positions, and continues to contribute to the discus fish community through breeding projects and educational endeavors .

1982 first Aquarium with discus
1984 First trip to the Amazon, Brazil in search of Wild Discus
1985 First Breading of the first couple and discus
1992 First trip Malasya, Thailandia Singapore and Asian discus breeders
1995 First company (Seller) HugoDiscus Ltd. in Portugal
1997 Company dedicated only to the import of Discus from all over the World
1998 First Web Site about Portuguese Discus 
1999 First lecture on discus, and maintenance scription in Porto, Portugal conducted by the German brand Sera Didier Undergrasser who wrote books such as Discus Health
2000 First Present in World Championship Discus with a 5th in class and Brown 8th Place in a Red Class Form
2001 Second tour Malasya to meet new breeders and exporters of Discus. Also to Germany
2002 Second in the presence of Discus Championship with Hybrid and Wild discus 
2003 Several lectures Discus fold in Portugal
2004 Participiacao Hugodiscus company in various international fairs
2004 Opening of Store No. 2 in Cascais, Lisbon named Discus World
2004 Present in the Third World Discus Championship in Duisburg with 9º place in Red Form class
2005 Founder of the First Portuguese Retailer Magazine Aquamania
2006 Travel to Brazil to work company in HK export company
2007 to 2008 worked in various companies of Export and FCC, Project Arapaima in Belem 
2008 Dezember Open the Export Company in Brasil Santarem Discus
2009 Visit in Hong Kong and China same difference breeders discus
2009 -2019 more than 400 expeditions through the Amazon in search of new species of wild discus. Export to more than 48 country our quality wild discus
2018 Lecture in NADA Discus competition in the United States
2019 We open a warehouse in Portugal for Europe to Discus World
Lecture in Buenos Aires , Argentina

Your customers win in competitions in the Wilds Class Santarem Discus fishes selected one by one by Vitor Hugo Quaresma in the Amazon

2013 -Polonia
2015- Polonia - Holanda 
2017- Polonia -Franca - Holanda 
2028 -Suecia -EUA - Alemanha
2019 - Franca ( Best in Show ) -Holanda ( Best in Show )