1.º These general conditions of sale are agreed between Discus World Unipessoal, headquartered at Rua Maria Luisa 369, Murtal 2775-119 Parede, Portugal, tax identification number 515238660 and contact +351 966013514, hereinafter referred to as Santarem Discus Plus and people who wish to make purchases through the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com hereinafter referred to as Customer.

2. The parties agree that purchases made through the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com shall be governed exclusively by this contract.


1. The present general terms and conditions of sale are intended to provide and define all necessary information to the Customer regarding the ordering, sale, payment and service delivery or delivery of purchases made on the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com

2. These conditions govern all the steps necessary to place the order and guarantee the follow-up of this order / service provision between the Contracting Parties.


By placing an order on the www.santaremdiscusplus.com website you are aware that:

1- Discus World Unipessoal Ltda is an Ornamental Fish import and export company, so it is possible that some of the products may have different colors when viewed live, but are naturally perfect as presented in each photograph and only sold in perfect state of health.

2. Whenever any product of Customer's order is not fit for shipment, Discus World Unipessoal Ltda will contact the customer.

3. If the Customer considers that any Ornamental Fish they have received is not in condition, they must send us a photograph and video of it on the same day of delivery within 6 h elaise@santaremdiscus.net so that we can understand and remedy the situation. with the following option, according to customer preference: replacement of same. 

In some countries customs open some packages, for example medicines, to check them. The client must be aware that this can happen when he receives them.  In this way the medicine can come open, in case of spilling you must send the photo to observe if there was any damage.

4. When any product on the Wild Discus product list is not available or in good condition on the day it is delivered, it will be contacted immediately by email from www.santaremdiscusplus.com.


1. You place your order by completing the purchase process on the www.santaremdiscusplus.com website by adding the product (s) you wish to order to your shopping cart, taking into account:

a) Orders, to be delivered next week, must be made on the website at www.santaremdiscusplus.com and paid through different means, Visa Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer

Tuesday deliveries - Customer must place order by 12 noon on the previous Wednesday.

Wednesday deliveries - Customer must place order by 12 noon on the previous Thursday.

Deliveries from Thursday - The Customer must place the order by 12 noon Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

b) By correctly selecting the delivery zone, the Client immediately knows when he will receive his order. If you select the wrong zone, delivery will be delivered on the date it is supposed to be according to our distribution route, available here: Where we deliver

2. To place your order the Customer must:

a) Add the product (s) you want to the cart on the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com and proceed to the checkout, providing the information requested there (Name, contact, delivery address, billing details, form payment, selection of the delivery day to which your address corresponds).


b) Register on the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com, providing the information requested therein.

c) Login (providing a combination of email and password chosen by the Customer upon registration), add the product (s) you want to the cart on the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com and proceed to the checkout.

c) Complete the information and choose the options available to you throughout the order completion process (Name, Contact, Delivery Address, Billing Data, Payment Method, Selection of the Delivery Day to which your address corresponds) .

3. The final confirmation of the order by the Customer is the full and complete acceptance of: prices and description of delivery products available for sale, distribution service performed by the company itself as well as these General Conditions of Sale, which will be the only ones applicable to the contract as well. completed.

4. Discus World Unipessoal Ltda will honor orders received online up to the available stocks. Since it is an Export company there is therefore some unpredictability at the stock level, in the absence of availability of any product.

5. The data contained in the receipt of the online order (Name, contact, delivery address, billing details, payment method, selection of the delivery day to which your address corresponds) are the sole responsibility of the Customer, so it is not our responsibility. We are responsible for any errors in them that may make the delivery unfeasible.

6. The Customer should whenever possible indicate an alternative address at the checkout of the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com whenever there is a possibility that there is no one to receive the order on the day of delivery or if there is any period of the day when it cannot be in home to receive.


1. Payment shall be made solely before delivery.

2. On the website www.santaremdiscusplus.com Discus World Unipessoal Ltda proposes to the Customer the following payment methods:

a) Credit Card - Payment Institution Lda (Visa, Mastercard) and Paypal Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) and bank transfer to the company account Discus World Unipessoal Ltda

c) Paypal

d) Bank Transfer

4. If Discus World Unipessoal Ltda does not receive payment via Bank Transfer within 48 hours, the order will be canceled. If you pay after this time, your order will be delivered depending on your availability in stock.


1. Delivery will be at Customer's address given our distribution route: Where We Deliver
and in compliance with the abovementioned Articles 3 and 4, regarding the period in which the customer placed the order and paid for it.

2. Orders will be delivered within 30 working days after ordering. The delivery is made by the company Discus World Unipessoal Ltda itself

3. The availability of the service will be made after the confirmation of payment made.

4. If the Customer does not receive the order within the expected period should contact immediately by email requesting clarification elaise@santaremdiscus.net

5. If no one is at the address indicated to receive the order, the Customer must indicate a second address option for the order to be delivered on the scheduled day.

6. Deliveries are from 10am to 10pm from Tuesday to Thursday.


1. Prices must be in Euros, with taxes and fees included, taking into account the VAT in force at the time of payment of the order.

2. In the case of an Exporting company, product prices may vary for customers depending on promotions, discounts, you will only pay the value of the product in effect when placing the order, even if at the time of delivery, the same product is more expensive and vice versa. For Agents (distributors) where the value for the European Community will be exempt from Iva at 23% if it is an Ornamental Fish Company on purchases over 30 Wild Discus.


1. The processing of Customer's data is done in compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data. These, subject to computer processing, will be listed in Detailprecious's database (s) through the Jumpseller platform, and will not be shared with any other company or individuality.

2. Whenever necessary we will use your contact details to inform you about your order / promotions / changes / new products or other issues related to your purchase.

3. According to the law, the Customer may request the rectification and cancellation of any data that concerns him directly by sending an email to elaise@santaremdiscus.net