Official Distributor in the United States

Official Distributor in the United States

In 2021, Santarem Discus has taken an important step towards commercializing our wild Discus in the United States, through a distributor in New York. Ricardo Neves is the "face" of Santarem Discus in the USA. A Wild Discus enthusiast who made his hobby his profession by creating Santarem Discus LLC with the following Facebook page . If you live in the USA, you can contact him via his Facebook page or his email. Ricardo Neves imports every two months the Wild Discus that you can choose on this page. The price will always be the same for which we sell plus shipping and customs . Acrecentando the value charged for shipping door to door by UPS in the United States . So you can choose the Wild you want and contact who will import it and ship it to your home. This is the most economical way to buy it. The excellent work done by Ricardo Neves who in 2021 imported more than 200 Wild Discus and many of them are in stock at your Farm.


We carry out expeditions to the Amazon since 2009. Many clients and lovers of this part of the planet have had the opportunity to travel with us on a boat that we have remodeled for this purpose. With 4 rooms and a capacity of 8 people, we make trips between October and November in the region of Santarem, Obidos, Oriximina and Nhamunda. We know this region where we select wild Discus and where we have several associated communities that allow entry. A world apart that few know in the World. To live for 9 days the culture of these riverside peoples, those who visit us in addition to making a comfortable trip where in addition to satellite television, Internet we have a cook 24 hours a day with the unique and fabulous gastronomy of this region. Organic food, natural juices that can only be found in the Amazon. In 2016 the #BarcoSantaremDiscus was remodeled to receive tourists and at the same time follow during these 9 days our work in the Amazon in selecting wild Discus in different communities. In 2022 we intend to organize 3 expeditions if you are interested please contact us by our email . We will take reservations from February 2022 with a 20% discount until April 12 , 2022. Trips booked after April 2022 will have a price of 3200€ which includes 9 days on the boat Santarem Discus visiting the region of Santarem, Obidos, Trombetas and Nhamunda. Room with two beds, food 24 hours a day, excluding alcohol, several dives in the environment where the wild Discus live, from lakes to streams, etc. A unique and unforgettable trip with the Santarem Discus team! !! Contact for more details

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