Multivitamin formulation for marine and freshwater aquarium:

hw® multivit is a special formulated multivitamin complex designed for application in freshwater and marine water aquariums.

hw® multivit contains all vital vitamins in a balanced amount needed by fishes and invertebrates.

hw® multivit strengthens the natural immune system, improves the generally well-being, enables the animals to show their colorful natural pigmentation and increases the ability to reproduce successfully.

When feeding dried or frozen food, an additional vitaminisation of this food with hw® multivit is highly recommended, as many important vitamins are lost through the drying or freezing process.

hw® multivit has proven itself particularly for the breeding of sensitive juvenile fish.

hw® multivit contains, beside others, following vitamins:

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B12

Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin H

Application instruction:

Important: Shake bottle well before and between applications!

Before feeding the dried or frozen food just add a few drops of hw® multivit on the food.

Dried food (like little shrimps, mollusc flesh, etc.) should be moistened (approx for 5-10 Minutes) only to the grade that the applied hw® multivit would be nearly completely absorbed by the food.

Frozen food like pieces of shrimps, mollusc, mosquito larvae, freshwater shrimps, etc.) should be defrosted and shortly rinsed with clean tap water. After this you can proceed in same way like with dried food. Be aware that the frozen food will only absorb smaller quantities of hw® multivit. To improve the absorption you can let
rest the so prepared food in your refrigerator for about 30 Minutes (max. 2 h).
hw® multivit encourages the good health, color and spawn of all ornamental fish, strengthens the natural power of resistance to disease and converts vitamin-deficient dry food into high-quality vital food.

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