Wild Discus Breeding Project - F1

Wild Discus Breeding Project -  F1

During 15 years in the Amazon, season after season, we discovered new communities along the Amazon Rivers and with these new variants of wild Discus. Places where man had never set foot, communities with 50 to 200 inhabitants that were dedicated exclusively to fishing for food and to the cultivation of manioc. In these last 15 years we have obtained Wild Discus from different communities with hitherto unknown patterns . Wild Discus with different shades and extremely round shapes is always the criterion of our selection. The best ones we kept in our facilities , some of them put up for sale for extremely high prices , with the aim of not selling them and keep for the Breeding Wild Discus 2022 project . This new project started to be worked , thought and idealized in 2019 . Its main objective is to get F1s with patterns so far unusual and probably unique , within the thousands of patterns and colors of Hybrids , but with the particularity of being the first children , of different wild that will be bred in Captivity . An ambitious project and probably unique in the world , will happen in Portugal . The idea of crossing selected Wild Discus in the same community is also the main argument of this new project of Santarem discus PLus . We want to keep the same DNA in the F1's that we will breed . If at the beginning of the breeding the first Wilds gave origin to all the hybrids that we keep in our aquariums and starting essentially in Germany . The Wilds that were initially bred were common colors and patterns , like solid Browns , Royal and Tefé and Coari dotted fish . This breeding over the last 60 years has been massive and among the mix of Hybrids new colors have emerged , where the Wild blood has long been lost . Our project has a different philosophy and in reality only a company that has a base in the Amazon can carry it out. Because it has environmental leadership and government licenses to collect a certain amount of Wild Discus per year , having at the same time license to export them . Taking advantage of the Warehouse in Portugal and some of its space in 2019 we will start working on this project . We know that it will change even more a Wild Discus World by getting F1 of completely different patterns and tonalities than at the beginning of Wilds breeding . We will try to sell to individuals and stores around the World and keep everyone informed by this Online store when the first F1's are for sale and what their Parents and origins are . Only we in the World know them , because the selection of them was made live , in the communities , rivers , lakes , streams where the progenitors were born

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