19 | 08 | 2019

Over the last few years the Wild Discus we have selected in different communities , has won different Wild Discus Competitions across Europe and the United States. Since 2013, Wild Discus Class titles have been owned by the company Santarem Discus in the Amazon through our clients around the world. These include names like Giovanni Consigli of  Italy, Dimitri Biccler of Belgium, Francis Hu of England, Christian Kubitschka of Austria, Jacek Skwieciński of Poland, William Liu of Taiwan, etc. All of them winners of Wild Discus  international awards in Europe and the United States. 

Being competitions where the best Wild Discus compete, has been a constant and notorious Wild Discus presence of our company in the Amazon. The victory has been achieved in the extraordinary work of our customers preparing Wild Discus for the competitions and our company Santarem Discus , that selects them one by one in different communities over several months in the middle of the Amazon jungle.

Winning a competition and having the best Wild Discu is a difficult task, but more difficult over the years to maintain this quality standard that has led us to so many international trophies.

To join these international trophies, we have had the honor of twice winning the most desired Trophy in the Netherlands, Vivarium 2018 and in France, Paris in 2019. The Best of the Show, always considered the best of all Discus in competition, be they Hybrid or Wild. Something that in several years of Discus Competitions around the World had never happened before

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