LEVAMICIL is a new development from Manaus-Aquarium with the active ingredient: (S) -6-phenyl-2,3,5,6-tetrahydroimidazo [2,1-b] [1,3] thiazole for the successful treatment of ornamental fish suffering from nematodes . LEVAMICIL contains one of the most effective pharmaceutical substances for the treatment of nematode infected fish and is particularly effective due to the special galenics (preparation) of this medication.

LEVAMICIL is extremely well tolerated by all types of fish.

LEVAMICIL effectively and demonstrably frees your fish from nematodes. All species of ornamental fish can be infected by roundworms (nematodes). Most fish infections with roundworms are caused by hairworms (Capillaria sp.) And milling headworms (Camallanus cotti). Discus fish are often affected by a certain type of pinworm (Oxyuridae sp.) In the intestine, which also belongs to the nematodes.

If left untreated, these parasite infections are responsible for the animals slowly sifting to death. Young fish and smaller fish species die of the parasites after a short while. In the event of a proven infestation, parent animals should be exempted from these nematodes with LEVAMICIL before starting to breed.

The preparation is characterized by a very quick therapeutic success and a very good tolerance even in juvenile fish.

LEVAMICIL is free from polymer solubilizers.

LEVAMICIL does not discolor and does not tarnish (bacterial bloom) the aquarium water.

In contrast to other European countries (e.g. Netherlands, Great Britain), LEVAMICIL cannot be sold over the counter in Germany due to the prescription requirement of the active ingredient levamisole!

Packing units: 100ml for 2000 liters of water

LEVAMICIL 100 ml Manaus_aquarium

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