PURIFOL 300ml Manaus_aquarium


PURIFOL 300ml Manaus_aquarium

For use in fresh and saltwater fish

PURIFOL for professional water treatment freshwater and seawater.

PURIFOL is a new water conditioner scientifically developed from manaus-aquarium.

from manaus-aquarium.

PURIFOL treats tap water to make it suitable for ornamental fish, reduces stress and thus ensures lively fish. Turbidity factors in the water are switched on, harmful heavy metals and chlorine are removed from the tap water. The water is crystal clear just a few hours after application. The improved water quality has a positive effect on the fish population. Your fish show an increased well-being.

PURIFOL has been proven to reduce microorganisms that can cause disease and promotes the growth of filter bacteria on the filter substrate of the filter. The pollutants that are produced by the metabolism of the fish in the aquarium water are bound by PURIFOL.

PURIFOL also has an antibacterial effect on pathogenic bacteria in the aquarium.

PURIFOL is solubilizer-free and has been developed for freshwater and seawater.

The diagram shows the effect of PURIFOL on medicines in aquarium water.

PURIFOL should be added to the aquarium every time the water is changed or fresh water is added.

If fish are treated through the aquarium water, PURIFOL must be applied in parallel or not at the same time, because the effect of the medicines in the water is cancelled or greatly reduced.

After successful treatment of your fish with medicines, PURIFOL removes the last residues of pharmaceutical substances when the water is changed.

Packing units: 300ml for 900 litres of water

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