OCTOCIL 500ml Manaus_aquarium


OCTOCIL 500ml Manaus_aquarium

Against intestinal flagellates

OCTOCIL is a new development from Manaus-Aquarium

with the active ingredients 5-nitrothiazol-2-amine, N- [3-chloro-4- (4-chlorophenoxy) phenyl] -2-hydroxy-3,5-diiodobenzamide and

3,9-Diamin-7-ethoxy-acridinium (RS) lactate for the successful treatment of fish affected by intestinal flagellates. The combination of active ingredients is stabilized by a special process and

thus optimally reaches the fish in the treatment water.

OCTOCIL effectively frees your fish from intestinal flagellates and flagellates in the blood through the systemic effect of the drug.

Cichlids, especially discus fish and scalars, can be affected by flagellates such as Cryptobia, Hexamita, Spironucleus and Trichomonas. Intestinal flagellates are parasites and remove nutrients from the intestine of the host animal (fish) and subsequently lead to inflammatory processes and changes in the fish intestine.

OCTOCIL successfully kills these unicellular parasites in the fish during treatment and also reaches encapsulated stages of the pathogens on the bottom of the aquarium. In the course of the treatment, the fish begin to resume the food offered.

OCTOCIL should be used preventively in a quarantine aquarium for newly acquired fish.

When breeding disc fish and scalars, OCTOCIL can be used to treat juvenile fish in order to achieve flagellate-free fish stocks.

The preparation is characterized by rapid therapeutic success and good tolerance.

OCTOCIL is usually administered once.

Even after opening the packaging, OCTOCIL has a long shelf life (5 years).

After the successful treatment with OCTOCIL, DIPLORAL should be added to the aquarium water of the previously treated fish for a few weeks afterwards, in order to quickly compensate for the missing minerals in the fish organism.

Packing units: 100ml for 2000 liters of water

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